To better assist you with your projects, we have recently made advancements in our silicone replica image analysis capabilities.  Analysis parameters have been expanded and we now offer analysis of silicone replicas for studies placed outside of Stephens.

We will photograph replicas, and process and analyze the digital images for the parameters you have selected using a macro developed by Stephens using Image Pro Plus v7 software and in accordance with the Guidelines for Evaluation of Cosmetic Functions published by the Japanese Cosmetic Science Society (JCSS).  Then we will interpret the results and provide you with a report.  The results in the report can be presented in any format you prefer and we can generate a surface plot.  We will send you a copy of the images, data and report on  a DVD for your records.  If you prefer a different storage device, please let us know and we can accommodate your request.

Available Parameters:

Fine and Coarse Wrinkle Parameters

  • Number
  • Spacing
  • Area Covered
  • Total Depth
  • Maximum Depth

Skin Roughness Parameters

  • IDL
  • Ra
  • Rz

To get started with replica analysis, simply contact us and we will take care of the rest.

Silicone Replica impression

Photograph of silicone replica impression

Surface Plot

Surface Plot