Facial Melasma & Aging Hands Study

Study Number: C21-D001

Study Location:

Dallas Research Center: 1801 N. Glenville Dr., Suite 250 Richardson, Texas 75081
Compensation: Up to $400





Skin Type:


Study Description:

Study Requirements:

  • For participants qualifying with age spots on the hands:
    • Must have mild to moderate age spots on both hands (must be visible in photos)
    • Must be willing to use only natural/neutral or no nail polish and willing to not dramatically change the appearance of the nails for the duration of the study.
    • Must not have any protruding veins or bones on the hands.
    • Must not have poor skin or fingernail hygiene and/or unkempt appearance of the hands or fingernails.
    • Must not have a health condition or a pre-existing or dormant disease of the fingernails (fungal or bacterial infection; hyperpigmented, bruised or striated nails due to trauma; split or cracking nails, etc).
    • Must not apply facial products or treatments on the back of the hands and/or who place, foundation, etc, on the back of the hand prior to applying the product to the face.
    • Must not have a pet, or planning to obtain one within 12 weeks, that might produce bites, cuts or scratches on the hands.
  • For participants qualifying with facial melasma (Tan discoloration and brown patches):
    • Must have mild to moderate hyperpigmentation due to melasma on both sides of the face
    • Cannot have had the following procedures/treatments performed:
      • A regimen of Thermage or Ultherapy treatments or an equivalent type of high energy treatments, plastic surgery, or ablative laser resurfacing of the face within 12 months
      • A noninvasive chemical peel, dermabrasion, microneedling, nonablative laser or fractional laser resurfacing of the face and neck, within 6 months
    • All participants:
      • Must willing to undergo a urine pregnancy test at the first study visit if of child-bearing potential (not having had a hysterectomy and/or been postmenopausal at least 12 months).
      • Cannot have had a history of skin cancer within the past 10 years.
      • Cannot currently be participating in another study at SGS Clinical Studies, another research facility or doctor’s office
      • Cannot have participated on a study at SGS Clinical Studies, another research facility or doctor’s office involving the face or hands within the past 2 weeks.
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