Bacne (Back-Acne) Study C20-D055

Study Number: C20-D055

Study Location: 

Dallas Research Center: 1801 N. Glenville Dr., Suite 250 Richardson, Texas 75081
Compensation: $825 -$865


Males or Females


18 - 50

Skin Type:


Study Requirements:

  • Willing to have blood drawn to test for HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.
  • Willing to have 2 biopsies on the back taken at each visit for a total of 6 biopsies. The biopsies are 4mm which is the size of a small stud earring.
  • Must have at least 5 red, raised pimples on the upper back with at least 2 pimples on each side.
  • Must have another person available who will assist at home in applying the test material to the assigned side of the upper back according to the test material usage instructions.
  • Must not have severe acne, acne conglobata, nodules, or cysts on the upper back.
  • Must not currently be on a testosterone booster or prescription testosterone (eg, DHEA, tribulus, testosterone cypionate, testosterone enanthate, Sustanon, testosterone propionate, testosterone phenylpropriate, Omnadren, testosterone undecanoate, testosterone pellet).
  • Must not have a medical history of allergy, hypersensitivity or any serious reaction to local antibiotic and antiseptic, local anesthesia, having any treatment which may affect the blood coagulation and hemostasis (anti-coagulant medications, etc.), or a history of healing defects (hypertrophy, keloid scarring, etc.).
  • Cannot currently be participating in another study at Stephens, another research facility or doctor’s office
  • Cannot have participated on a study at Stephens, another research facility or doctor’s office involving the back within the past 4 weeks.
  • What is Fitzpatrick Skin Type? Determine your Fitzpatrick Skin Type Here!

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