ICI 9320 Infrared Camera

Stephens acquired the InfraRed Camera 9320P series from ICI which is a thermal imaging camera which measures and demonstrates skin surface temperature. Contact us to use this in your study and see our complete list of study...

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Change in Staff in Stephens’ Office of Asian Studies

Ritsuko Cardona, Stephens' Supervisor of Asian studies, has moved to Tokyo to be closer with her family. Starting April, she will be assuming the position of Site Manager of the Japan Research Center (JRC) working directly for Nobuko Naoi, the Site Director of JRC,...

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Ideal Climates and Conditions for Testing Sunscreen

To market and label your product as a sunscreen, testing the effectiveness of a sunscreen must be done using one of the FDA, ISO, ICH, or JCIA testing monographs.  Although, the methods in these monographs are required to sell your product as a sunscreen it does not...

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